Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crocheting socks


Hello my lovelies, I hope we you are well and that the hay fever isn't bothering you too much, I don't suffer from it myself but everyone here does. I really feel for those who suffer it can make simply going to work hell , as my Mr likes to tell me 

I am having quite a few problems with blogger I cant seem to  resize my pictures so please excuse these tiny pics. Is any one else having problems?. I cant  post and I'm struggling to update all reading list .It is beginning to bother me so much so Im considering moving to another host.
I made this one side of sock with a skein of yarn from uk dyer
I am sure you noticed I said I only made one side .I adore random dyed yarns and I am constantly seduced by them however,I must say I do struggle with them .they look beautiful in a skein but I find with crochet they seem to pool in a way I don't find pleasing to the eye .I don't like the movement of colour. As much as I find knitting a long process I think stocking stitch makes the best of these types of yarn.. What are you making at the moment ???


  1. One of my daughters suffers badly so is not at her best at the moment. The colours in the yarn are a delight, they look good in the sock. What pattern are you using? I am struggling to find one that I like.

  2. I love that sock, so pretty. I am seduced by yarn the same way you are and often feel it looks much better in the hank than crocheted up.

  3. Crocheting socks is something I've never done but would love to try, and I finally feel like it's achievable. Unlike knitting socks, which I don't ever think I'll be able to do. And I know what you mean about those random dyed yarns - they look so tempting as a hank, but worked up the colours are often muddy. Those colours are great though. x

  4. I've yet to crochet socks, knitting them though I find somewhat therapeutic.
    I suffered terribly from hayfever as a child, then for a few years I didn't have it at all but this year it's come back, my eyes have been so sore.

  5. Love the socks and the colours are fabulous. The thought of knitting socks scares me but crochet I would consider! I have to admit I find blogger a right nuisance to use and the only way I can do it without any issues is to blog from the app on my phone, but then I can't add any links. I just don't find blogger very user friendly really.
    Marianne x

  6. You're not alone, I've been having issues with blogger too. No problems with images as I do all my posting using HTMl but blog rolls aren't updating, and things keep disappearing, tis a nightmare and I'm considering a move too.

  7. Lovely yarn and beautiful sock pattern! So sorry to hear about your blogging problems, I do hope it gets sorted out frustrating and time consuming.
    Wishing you a happy new week.
    Helen xox

  8. It's strange but I think you're right about crocheting with the random dyed yarns. The colours just don't look right but knitting with the yarn turns out nice. Maybe some company will develop a variegated yarn that works well with crochet.

  9. Hi Helda, I've yet to try making socks so far. Yours look nice and comfortable. I agree about the pooling of the colours. I guess it depends on the dye spacing and the size of the item you are crocheting. Perhaps it would work better in a shawl. Thankfully we had rain yesterday and it has cooled down. I started knitting a colourful jumper and just blogged about it.
    Have a good week.
    Ingrid xx