Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Natural Dye Studio

 I recently had an email about one of my favourite online yarn dyers  closing their fabulous shop. The Natural Dye Studio exclusively uses historical plant dyes to produce an astounding spectrum of subtle colours. I am so sad as I love their yarns
I used the natural dye yarns for one of my designs called Milly Molly Mandy, Issue 35 published in november 2012. We are currently on issue 61 gosh doesn't time fly by?

I adore knitted linen stitch, I thought it might be fun to see
how  it would look in crochet.
I changed colour every
 row using  seven different candy coloured mini skeins striped with the beautiful  pink yarn
Instead of using seven mini skein this yarn is perfect. for the life of me I cant remember the
colour way but it was their dazzle 4ply yarn. Sad to think I cant get anymore of this stuff. If you have ever used Amanda's yarn you will know it is fabulous stuff. I adore her yarns .
I joined the Natural dye studio's rainbow club last year
 Amanda sends  you a different colour every month for a year , in the end you are left with a delightful rainbow that makes me smile every time I lay them on the floor.

Amanda is a fabulous crochet designer and I believe she will be concentrating on this part of her for the time being .Her designs are breathtaking , check out her work here. you can read her reasons for closing the shop on her blog. I wish her all the best and I thank her for her wonderful way with colouring , she is amazing. I am  so glad I have this beautiful stash for colour inspiration.


  1. What a beautiful stash of yarn, stunning. Shame to lose a great supplier.

  2. Hi Helda! Wow, you were lucky to get your hands on such wonderful yarn, absolutely amazing colours! I would make a one off jumper or something to make a great memento (and something to wear/use) with such a rainbow, it looks like it could be enough!
    Shame she won't make any more...
    Ingrid xx

  3. This is seriously lovely yarn!
    Feeling your pain, there is nothing like a good supplier

  4. What a beautiful scarf and such an amazing collection of wonderful yarns too! The rainbow is stunning. No way that I could use these, I would just line them up and look at them and stroke them!! xx

  5. It's such a shame, I can see why you love the yarn so much, such gorgeous colours. On a brighter note, your scarf is beautiful.

  6. Love the look of linen stitch. The yarns are such gorgeous colours.

  7. Beautiful. I love the look of that stitch. The yarns are beautiful. I hope you find another supplier to count on soon.

  8. Your work is pretty breathtaking too.

  9. Those colours are gorgeous! Sarah x

  10. As a knitter I too am sorry to see The Natural Dye Company go, and as a dyer I quite understand their difficulties. I am a foraging dyer who mostly uses locally gathered plants, but if you want reliable commercially viable results it's important to buy the more exotic dyestuffs and they are both expensive and increasingly hard to come by.

    The scarf is gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful scarf, I love the stitch and the colours! It is always sad when favourite suppliers close down. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox