Friday, January 09, 2015

Inside crochet issue 61 2015

I hope you all had a Happy New Year and I hope this New year finds you all in good health.I have some wonderful news  to share.
The latest issue of Inside crochet 61 is out now ,I'm chuffed to have my pattern published.
 It is called Bargello Scarf .I was inspired by the beauty of Bargello needlepoint in which distinctive patterns are built up from rows of straight stitches, arranged in a zigzag line, with repeats in varying shades or colours. It produces a beautifully rich pattern and I have adapted it to create a sumptuous crochet design
 It has been mentioned on the Inside crochet blog . (crash ,bang, wallop, that's me I have just fallen on the floor.Its always wonderful it have your pattern mentioned by the editor.
                                 I love the styling on the mag, it really brings my scarf to life.
The shape of the line is created by ‘steps’ between one row and the next .Pattern is cleverly formed with slip stitches. By varying these steps, the chevron can be softened into a curve, or elongated into a pinnacle.Pattern is reversible.The design simplicity allows you to enjoy beautiful colour play without having to focus too much on the stitches.
 I was very privileged to receive yarn support from Millamia Yarns. The scarf uses naturally soft merino yarn.This yarn is seriously soft.Naturally Soft Merino Yarn is made from 100% extra fine Merino Wool.

Its supersoft feel makes it ideal for babies and young children, and the lovely twist on the yarn means that the resulting  fabric has a great stitch definition .Millamia is run by two beautiful Swedish sister .The Scandi influence is easy to see in their designs. I urge you to go take a look at their website and search out the yarns in a store near you .
 I would like to give special thanks to Max, who works with this fab duo. A chance meeting at Knit nation in a queue and a love of yarn meant we could chat as though we had been friends for years. Thank you Max.


                                       Do check out all the other fabulous designs in the magazine, they are all fabulous


  1. Congratulations, what a wonderful start to the new year. It is a beautiful scarf in a wonderful combination of colours, well done.

  2. A lovely scarf - well deserves to be in print
    Glad I found your blog, your work is so beautiful

  3. Beautiful scarf and stunning colours. Well done you. P x

  4. It's a gorgeous scarf! Congratulations on having your pattern published!
    Helen xox

  5. It's fabulous.....well done! :) xxx

  6. Well done! An excellent way to begin the new year.

  7. Your scarf is stunning, the colours are wonderful and my favourites. I can fully understand why it's in the magazine. I've just taken a peek at the other designs in the magazine and I'm very tempted by the teddy bear garland. One I think for my "to do" list!

  8. It is beautiful!! I can totally see the bargello theme too! I hope that all is well with you and that you have a great 2015. xx

  9. Congratulations on getting published! It looks like a wonderful pattern!

    Bargello looks so good in crochet! My blog partner Michelle just published a pattern for a crochet bargello afghan on our blog!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  10. Congratulations on having your pattern published. The scarf looks wonderful.

  11. Hello Helda! What a great start to the new year!
    Your scarf looks beautiful!
    I'm looking forward to seeing it in the magazine when I next visit England (I'm a subscriber!!)
    Ingrid xx

  12. Such a beautiful scarf!
    Marianne x

  13. That is just stunning! You are very good at what you do. x