Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crochet baktus, free pattern

 Isn't life strange , we know that Christmas is on the 25th Dec and yet we still find we are running out of time to make those gifts we said we'd have done and dusted by November, or is that just me??? Low and behold what do you know today is the 11th Dec and I am knee deep in panic , yes panic.
I need a very quick project that is unisex and suits all ages. What do you know I have the perfect project. My crochet baktus. It is a free pattern.
 Baktus comes from Norway, where it became very popular some time ago.  The original pattern is a knitted version and in Ravely there is a huge gallery of Baktus made with different yarns::: The method couldn’t be simpler. You weigh your yarn, cast on a few stitches, and then increase every so many rows, always on the same side. When you have half the yarn left, start decreases!
The pattern for the flower I still haven't got round to writing it up .It is simply a crocheted rose and I've added a brooch back, so I can pin it wherever I like. I have added two large beads at the end , these are optional , tassels look great and I find lot of people don't like anything at the end.

If you are on ravelry you can see all the wonderful scarf that have been made with my pattern .I love the way people adapt it. The scarf above was made by the fabulous Karin , as you can see she has added a great edging , it really finishes the scarf perfectly

 I made one similar to this in linen yarn for my mummy , she loves to wear scarves even in the summer, the holes allow the wearer to keep cold.
I hope you enjoy this pattern and please share your versions.


  1. Impressive, I love the colour, the flower is a real delight just my thing.

  2. It is lovely, just nice to keep your neck cozy and warm! xx

  3. Lovely colours.
    I did finish my Christmas gifts in time but then thought I could make something else. Oh dear, one sock done one still to do and so little time. Perhaps we actually like the panic!

  4. Both of these are beautiful! Pammy Sue

  5. Thank you so much! :-)

  6. I love them and have made a few knitted versions.

  7. Thank you, Helda, for sharing your lovely free pattern!
    I've always wondering how these scarves were made!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  8. What a beautiful scarf - thanks for the pattern. Seems very easy to make.