Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vintage Crochet Patterns


 I love  vintage and antique  greeting cards and postcards These images  are from here .Many of the postcards  from the early 1900s, the greeting cards are from a little bit later in the century, the 1930s through the early 50s. I know it isn't valentines day but these images are so cute

I am like a woman possessed  when I get a thought in my head .I decided to find some vintage crochet images
I found this image and  that lead me onto the Free Vintage Crochet, a website that is devoted to providing fans of crochet with a huge variety of patterns at no cost, has just reached a very impressive milestone. Two thousand vintage, hand restored free crochet patterns are now available to the public .Oh my goodness, this place rocks.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of free crochet patterns that are no longer available simply because they were published many years ago and are now out of print. Fortunately, the Internet gives us the opportunity to share these fun, exciting and long lost designs for everyone to enjoy again. They are currently working on reproducing a library of vintage patterns that have passed into the public domain .


All of the crochet patterns that appear on the website have passed into the public domain. That means that these designs are no longer protected by copyright and you are free to do whatever you would like to do with them! Copy them, share them, make finished items from them and sell them - let your imagination run wild! whoopee, however beware ,you might forget to make dinner once you log on.

Joining in with Ginny


  1. Wow, I am so impressed. I actually am a collector of vintage patterns but it would be nice to browse through some. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love that granny square blanket! It is brilliant isn't it. xx

  3. Thank you for your interest in my Christmas elf. If you Google fabric ornament panels loads of the panels come up. You literally cut them out, sew, and stuff. A good haberdashery will stock them nearer Christmas. Lorraine.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I have all of my mums knitting patterns from the early 50's. Having seen this collection I think I'll definitely hold on to them.
    My great grandmother did a lot of crochet and I inherited her hook. Not something I'd use now as it is ivory but certainly something to keep.

  5. There are some gorgeous vintage crochet patterns. I have quite a few already. They can be adapted easily to make anything you fancy.