Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Race for Life

 On Sunday 27th July my daughter took part in the 5km Race for Life in London's Hyde Park. She did it for me as I am a survivor of cervical cancer. It has to be one of the proudest moments of my life.
I didn't know what to expect as I have never been to watch anyone take part in a race on that scale. We arrived at 9 .The whole area was filled with hundreds of  fuschia pink clad women .The Mr was told that he must 'wear pink daddy'.

 I had left home really happy and I couldn't wait to take snaps of the girls ( she did it with her best friend from her uni)  in action , however, I must say I became rather emotional , it was the first time I think I had seen so many people who have been touched by cancer .So the day was tinged with sadness and guilt .Guilty because  I had survived when so many were running for loved ones who had passed. Cancer is such a dreadful disease
 This message board had me in tears, every bubble had a story about who they where doing it for.
The runners go off to the start line , we decided to try and find a good vantage point. My daughter didn't train so we had no idea how long it would take. Five of us came to support her and would you believe me if I told you all five cameras missed the moment she ran past us. I managed to get this.

She is just 10 yards away from the finish line in this photo. We whooped and shrieked and those that could jumped with joy, at that moment I had a flash back of all those end of years sports day she had at school. You know the races , the good old egg and spoon and the three legged race, such wonderful memories and my goodness it made me feel so happy I am alive and so proud to be there to support my little hero. As soon as we where reunited she announced she is doing it again next year. 



  1. Well done to everyone that took part. I did it a few years back and it is such a great atmosphere, sad but defiant and uplifting too! xxx

  2. An amazing race to take part in and I am sure some treasured memories stored.

  3. Absolutely marvelous....what a sight to see and I imagine tremendously emotive!
    I should think cancer has hit everyone's family someway or the other. It is such a terrible disease!
    That's fabulous that your daughter did this for you!!!

    keep well
    Amanda :-)
    PS: Mediterranean giveaway now open :-)

  4. Never feel guilty that you have survived. Cancer is horrible, and every survivor is a sign that someday medicine will do its best to save them all. My Mother in Law died from pancreatic cancer and she would just want to hug you and say "live for me; my time was short, now go and live every day enough for the two of us." And well don eto your daughter who ran so kindly to raise money. Thank you.

  5. It's wonderful how many people are doing things to raise money to thwart cancer. No doubt you are very proud of your daughter, as you should be, she sounds amazing. CJ xx

  6. What an amazing daughter you have, and amazing that you have survived cervical cancer. You must never, ever feel guilty that you have. And anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer would never want you to feel that way. I have survived cancer myself, even though it has been years it has shaped me in ways someone who has not fought it would not know about. THank you daughter for me, she has done all of us a wonderful service.

  7. A wonderful way of raising funds for a cancer charity. My daughter too runs with her friends when the event is held here. She lost a good friend to bowel cancer and also a couple of years later her best friend was diagnosed with the same condition. She like you has beaten the disease. Cancer does touch so many lives in so many ways and I think its wonderful that people come together in such huge numbers to support all of the cancer charities.

  8. Well done to your daughter, you must be very proud of her. I think cancer touches every family in one way or another, I lost my sister to the horrible disease, yet survived it myself. My mum has been through it and my dad's going through it at the moment. One day, through people like your daughter, a cure will be found, we have to believe that.

  9. Unfortunately cancer affects so many people - sometimes more than once. Very well done to your daughter and everyone else who took part.

  10. Well done to your daughter! You should never feel guilty about being here, others might not be here, but I am sure that they would be glad to know that you made it. It is great that people such as your daughter take part in these events, so thank her for all of us. xx