Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yarn along

My few of my favourite things are yarn and books ,so Ginny's yarn along is a great way to spend an hour reading what others are reading and making with yarn
I joined the Natural dye studio rainbow club awhile back , and this is my selection all lined up. I seem to have one month missing ,I cant find it .I have a lot of yarn and I am usually very good at putting this club in the right box but hay ho , I am only human.

                                                                        Isnt it yummy?
 I'm sure you have noticed but I have added a few more skeins for my stash.I am thinking about a new warm wool rainbow blanket and I am working on some new designs .
 I now have the rather unpleasant task of wounding these skeins into balls I m afraid it isn't a task I relish. When the girls where little I am not ashamed to say I was not adverse to child labour. Winding wool for their tea ,haha .
I usually bribe the Mr as I have that terrible carpal tunnel thingy I make him feel sorry for me and I always bake him a cake but  when he saw the scale of yarn he said "Not on your Nellie", charming!!
Incidently, if you are admiring my gorgeous hand crafted skein winder I bought it from here.

They also make Nostepinne” or “nostepinde” .It is a Scandinavian word that means “nest-stick.”; the original Ball Winder. It is a tool used to wind a center-pull yarn ball. A nostepinne is portable, easy to use, and creates a center-pull ball that can be used without changing the twist in the yarn. I know you it is easily to  the wool winder but there is something nice on occasion about using the old fashioned way. It connects me with the way women did it hundreds of years.
After all that I have decided to continue with the rainbow club. I really want a full spectrum of the rainbow. I will of course share my new purchases as soon as they arrive, yes, that's right I have been shopping and now added some more skeins. I can't wait.

I am reading this novel is accessible women's fiction, with a darker edge. It's narrated by Saffron Mackleroy whose husband was murdered 18 months earlier. Saffron has a lot to cope with: her 14 year old daughter has just shared a big secret, Saffron has a difficult relationship with food, and her husband's killer has started writing to her and threatening her family. Can she hold her life together and recover from her husband's devastating death?
Joining in with Ginny's yarn along


  1. Such vibrant colors!

  2. They are such beautiful colours, I can see why you are attracted to them! xx

  3. Yummy indeed, some scrumptious yarn, a real delight.

  4. So beautiful! I would find a friend with a ball winder before I attempted winding all those skeins. Your carpal tunnel will be hurting a bit after that!

  5. My mother used to get me to hold the skiens for her as she wound them into balls. But she was also able to hold the skien herself and wind into a ball at the same time. And so can I! Which is very useful when no-one else wants to get involved.

  6. I can always remember being my mums yarn winder when I was young!
    Thank you for recommending the book, one to look out for.

  7. So yummy, your rainbow blanket will be a delight! Thankfully, my daughter LOVES winding wool ;-) she's just on the verge of mastering it on her own which makes us both very happy indeed!

  8. That yarn is so yummy, if I was near I'd help you wind it.

  9. I love my nostepinne, but you're right, it's certainly not the fastest way to wind yarn!

  10. I've never bought yarn by the skein, always in pre-would balls, but they do look so pretty lined up like that. I adore those soft, natural rainbow shades. x

  11. I love the idea of your rainbow blanket. Those skeins look so soft and beautiful, such lovely shades.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox