Tuesday, November 26, 2013

20 Free Patterns for One Skein Projects You Can Complete Before Christmas

The "C" word is nearly here, I know this because my youngest daughter loves "C day". I'm one of those people who every year I swear I will prepare well ahead .I never do and I'm always frantically crocheting into the wee hours  .
With that in mind I put this " 20 Free Patterns for One Skein Projects You Can Complete Before Christmas" into computer and what do you know Crochet Concupisence website popped up .

This blog is has so much information on it. She covers all things happening in the crochet sphere In her words ""Put simply, this is a crochet blog designed to share my passion for the craft and all of the news that surrounds it. I hope to serve as a hub of information for all things crochet especially in the areas of crochet art, fashion and design. I also aim to strengthen the connections in the crochet community by stimulating conversations between crocheter."

One of my favourite parts under the heading of Crochet Art ,she profiles crochet artist it is here I have found some of my favourite artist
crochet sculpture Health and Nature Crochet Artist Kyle Ethan Fischer
This piece is created by the wonderful Crochet Artist Kyle Ethan Fischer. This image is taken from Crochet concupiscence
Post image for Conceptual Crochet Artist Anu Tuominen
              This wonderful piece is created by Anu Tuominen.  This image is taken from Crochet concupiscence . Its is stunning. Her work is breath taking .
   plarn crochet trophy head Plastics Crochet Artist Magda Van der Vloedthis piece is created by Crochet Artist Magda Van Der Vloed i a South African artist, designer and product developer who loves working with recycled materials. She frequently crochets with recycled plastic bags as well as with thick PVC wire/ recycled phone cords. She also adds crochet work to recycled plastic bottles for a twist on the idea of plastic crochet. In addition to sculptural art, this artist also makes wearable art in the form of jewellery
shauna richardson lion crochet sculpture 300x171 Crochet Artist: Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson this last person has to be my favourite . Shauna Richardson is a UK-based crochet artist with a background in conceptual art. She specializes in a type of crochet art she calls crochetdermy. As the name suggests, this is crochet designed to look like taxidermy. Hers isn’t the only work I’ve seen that looks like taxidermy crochet but she’s the only crochet artist I know of to date who actively specializes in this.

The Lionheart Project featured three giant lions, crocheted by hand by her,They travelled the UK  in a custom-built, mobile, glass case. These powerful sculptures reflect the region in both symbol and materials. Richard the Lionheart’s three lions crest is created using locally sourced Peak District wool, celebrating there rich textile heritage.
In the spring of 2012, prior to the opening of the London Olympic Games, the Lionheart Project toured the East Midlands in a custom-built glass exhibition vehicle. An impressive 16 metres long and 4 metres high, the truck containing the three crocheted lion sculptures visited major towns and stayed at regional locations before it travelled to The Natural History Museum in London . I went to see it ,it was stunning on the day I had forgotten my camera and the battery on my phone had died , how's that for bad luck. 
Excuse the slight digression  but I really was enjoying myself there are so many talented people who use crochet as an art form .Anyway back to "C" word and a one skein/ball ,if you click here. Scroll down to pattern number 11 you will come to my  free pattern.
  Thank you Crochet Concupiscence for compiling this list and having such a great website that spreads the crochet love.

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  1. Oh I love the photo of all the mandalas...it is so pretty! I am pretty prepared for christmas, so I am happy with that :D