Monday, December 02, 2013


                                     A box of cupcakes just because with festive fairy glitter
I have been very naughty and bought  more yarn. In my defence they are all going to make Christmas gifts. I have so many people to make gifts for and it is at times like this when only  thick yarns will do. It ensures you can make gifts quickly .

Hobbycraft has an offer at the moment on 3 for 2 on yarn, so hurray, since taking these photos I have been back and bought more of the rowan in green and wild berry.

 I have been crocheting slowly, my hand still isn't functioning .The RSI is a bugger to live with, its affecting my driving ,working on the computer, crocheting it is in fact affecting everything I do. I'm still taking painkillers and using my hand braces and resting. It's getting better, but I'm  going to have change my old mentality of just one more row because it is this that has caused the problem in the first place.

The black mittens uses  a very old pattern I made up years ago ,in fact every member of my family has owed a pair of these at some point of their lives. However, is it just my family but they all seem to lose one side, so over the years  the odd mitts have become sock puppets. The pattern is made lengthways , crocheting in the back loop with short rows .It is very simple as ever it is on my list of patterns I must write up but time just seems to fly by, I mean can you believe it is the 2nd of Dec already.
I'm off to use my new kitchenaid and my new food processor.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Wonderfull yarns! I think the mitten pattern will become a success, so hope you will be able to write it down soon. I hope your RSI will heal very quickly.

  2. The mittens look fantastic! I hear you about the yarn; I just bought four balls of superwash wool DK for my stash. They were really cheap in an online Black Friday sale. I hope your hand is better soon, how frustrating for you.

  3. Lovely yarn , but please not at the price of your health. Oh how I feel for you... I have been suffering, with tendonitis a form of RSI for 6 weeks now. Luckily on the mend n the splints , now, thanks to my physio who in the last three weeks has help a lot.

  4. Hello lovely Helda. OOh I spy gorgeous new wools and what a bargain. I think I might have to pop over to Hobbycraft to have a little look. Loving the mits and so sorry to hear that youre still struggling with RSI, its a bugger!! I hope you have a good week and eek I know, well its the 4th now, time is flying! Enjoy your week and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog sweetie xoxo

  5. Oh my, I have proper yarn envy here! I really like the look of those mittens, they look so cosy. I really hope your RSI improves soon, I imagine it is real nuisance.
    Marianne x

  6. I think the mittens are fantastic and lets be honest... can anyone have too much yarn?? :)
    I don't think so... I think you agree :)
    I'm sorry that you have hand pain, I'm not sure what RSI is, but if it's keeping you from doing the things that you love, I'm so very sorry.
    Much love to you,

  7. I'm sure there are more people than ever making christmas gifts. I'm currently making socks for presents. I think it's a lovely satisfying thing to do!
    I do hope your hand heals soon.

  8. Hi Helda, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments about my scavenger hunt photos. My, but I have some serious yarn envy looking at your lovely photos. - it's lucky I'm not going near any yarn shops this week! I also loved the photos of the exhibition and partlcularly the one of all the circles on the wall - just stunning. x