Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free crochet cowl pattern

This delightful pattern uses my favourite yarn at the moment Rowan pure wool aran weight yarn,
186 yards (170 meters)
5mm hook
Pattern uses 3 balls
Colour; cream

A very simple and gratifying project using a conservative amount of your yarn and your time In no time at all you’ll have a stylish accessory that will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions.I made his cowl in gorgeous aran weight wool .I have used this pattern for years .It's my go to pattern for quick and easy gift I thought I'd share it with you in the hope it will become your go to quick gift pattern. It is always received with pleasure .It is so warm and cosy you substitute any weight yarn the pattern looks lovely whatever yarn you use .I have made this with kid silk haze and some swarkowski crystal threaded on to yarn and it is so beautiful. This is a very quick pattern and makes a perfect useful Christmas gift. I thoroughly believe gifts should be useful except for diamonds, (hint hint for the Mr)

It is just a one row repeat .Chain whatever length you like, I believe we all like different sized cowls my youngest likes them snug, I prefer a loose one and my brother likes a cowl that can be wrapped three times round his neck.
The pattern is this simple repeat
Simply chain the amount to like . You are working in the round. If you prefer you can make this a scarf and then join afterwards, if you twist this 180* and then join you will have a Mobius

Row 1; 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog , skip 2ch , 2trtog, 2ch, 2trtog, skip 2ch to end , join with a slip st.
Row  2; 3ch and now work 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog  in the 2ch space of previous 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog   ,make sure you don't do the stitch in the skip 2ch but the 2ch between the 2trtog .Hope this makes sense.
Work  row 2  for 15 or so rows.
EDIT: thank you to Coralstrs from Ravelry who pointed out Id make a mistake. Thank you very much

I made a crochet rose .I am writing the pattern for the rose as  I post this and it will be available soon .

This is a FREE pattern and I’m flattered that you want to make it and perhaps share it with your friends. This pattern is for personal use only. It may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or altered in way without express permission. Do not reproduce this pattern to sell and/or sell any garment that you make using this pattern

Happy crocheting!!


  1. How pretty, and I loved the rose flower embellishment :-)

  2. Thank you for this very pretty pattern! I love the addition of the rose, it finishes it off beautifully! Chrissie x

  3. It's really pretty. Thank you for the pattern. :)

  4. Fabulous cowl Helda and thank you for the pattern. I am currently working on one too, but as it is my own pattern, I am not to sure how it is going to turn out. I will most certainly try this one very soon though. Hope you had a fun Halloween and enjoy your weekend xoxo

  5. That's really pretty. I just so happen to have some Kidsilk Haze in my stash.

  6. HI, Beautiful Cowl. Have you considered SELLING the pattern, and getting rid of your clause preventing the sale of finished items? I have several good customers who would really enjoy this item, but I cannot make it for them because of this restriction.

  7. Hello, I'm returning over from my blog, thank you for your lovely comments. I am so in awe of your makes, I am completely unable to crochet and your things are all beautiful. Julie x

  8. That looks so pretty!
    Sarah x

  9. Cute look. It has such an elegant feel to it.

  10. That is really lovely and you've displayed it so nicely too!

  11. Oh this is a lovely cowl, it is a beautiful pattern! I am pinning this one :D x

  12. Just yesterday, I was thinking that I needed to find a cowl pattern and this is it. Thank you so much. Can I ask is 2trtog meaning two treble in the same space or just two trebles?

  13. Very pretty, thank you. Love the rose embellishment. ^^