Thursday, August 01, 2013


I have been striping ,I know it is so very hot I have been making his highness something special for when the inevitable bad weather strikes. Today London temperature soared to an unbelievable 92*.Yet, I sat in the house with the patio doors wide open sipping my tea and eating my favourite biscuits making this beauty, its dk alpaca. So very soft

I 'll make it until I run out of yarn or I get too bored whichever comes first. I love the pop of yellow makes it almost come alive, perfect little stripes. I love it so much not sure I can give it away.


  1. Yesterday, was certainly a day for sitting in the shade and making something nice. While my grandchildren chilled out in the paddling pool I crocheted a new phone cover!

  2. Great setting, I wish I had a patio or porch like I had in Spain while I was growing up. My solution for when I don't feel like giving away beatifully crafted presents, I make another one. Thas is why I knitted several pairs of Anastasia socks, and still love them.