Wednesday, August 07, 2013


 Oh my giddy aunt I'm so happy right now. I received this in the post from the lovely Claire I have been drooling over this for ages. It's from Fyberspates .Flirtatious is a pure silk yarn with glass beads threaded directly onto it. It has approximately 595m per 100gms. The beads are put on by hand . Last night I got out my swift out and let this beautiful yarn flow through my fingers . The Flirtatious yarn is quite textured with small silk nupps and the beads move around which isn't a problem for me. All in all a very beautiful ball of yarn. So go on treat yourself, you deserve  it.
Oh my even giddier aunt, yet more treats I recently joined the Natural dye studio's "Rainbow club" .I adore yarn from these wonderful  yarn alchemists. No idea what I'm making ,I'm just looking forward to the postman  every month with the next instalment of colour. I've gone potty for colour .With that yarn I'm making myself a beautiful cotton wrap. A technicolour wrap, as I wear lots of black I adore very bright accessories ,she is still begin made as I write I cant wait to share my results .

Every evening I have set aside one hour to work on her .I love that all the yarn is laid out in a glorious rainbow. The family don't feel quite the way I do as it is in a line right across the front room and if they accidentally move a ball out of line I do admit I freak slightly, I mean you understand fellow yarn lover, its in  colour sequence and it took me a few hours to get them in the perfect alignment. Not that I have OCD or anything but they must remain in a perfect line. Ha, I sound like a batty old lady.

The other day my daughter and her boyfriend came over for dinner ,somehow we ended up talking about cleaning and my daughter said that  I am particular about cleaning cloths so much so that I make my own. Everyone laughed at me but I don't care nothing cleans up quite as good as cloths made from 100% dishcloth yarn , I love them so much I make them for everyone, and just to make everyone laugh a bit more this is my latest set for my mum tied with ribbon because they are fabulous.


  1. The Natural Dye Studio is great yarn!! I am also a rainbow club member :) (for the sock yarn and the dk yarn, I am an addict :)

  2. You are freaking awesome, you make your own dishcloths.....?? I am in awe :o) Can't wait to see what you make with that