Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Street art on the ceilings in Wahaca
We decided to have a meal a Wahaca in the westfield shopping center. Before I tantalise you with our meal let me say unless you are really very desperate ,do not venture in the madness that has gripped london,namely the January sales. I cannot stand crowds( except when buying yarn) this place was packed with shoppers killing themselves for a bargain or two. Now, I'm all for getting a reduction,why spend more than you have too? but, I just wish people would try to be a bit more polite.I can't tell you how many people pushed into me I found myself apologising and getting grumpy even though I was not the culprit.Good manners cost nothing ,why do people find it so hard to be polite it is almost seen as a weakness. It is such a shame.
If you dont know Wahaca sells Mexican street food. The above pic is called a Tequila experience .Apparently, voted the best tequila in the world.El Tesoro's blanco(with sangrita), Reposado and Anejo all to be taken before, during and after the meal.They pack a punch .4 Small expresso sized cups with a little in each .Very nice and I do recommend you try them
To further wet my appetite, a bottle of Modelo Negra beer served in a glass with lime juice and a salt rim.I cant tell you how great it was. I'm not a beer drinker but this does not taste of beer , it was a dark yeasty ,salty, limey delight
We decided with all the loveliness on the menu that it would be a good idea to try a few bits. The lovely waiter recommended a wahaca selection. First to arrive was three soft tacos with grilled steak with grilled cheese.This was good
Then this deliciously tender slow cooked pork in a special yucatecan marinade.This was so good.
Then quesadillas ,a toasted tortilla filled with sauteed mushrooms,mexican corn mushroom and melted cheese.Delicious and i will be making a variation of these at home.I will use just cheese, chillies and coriander .
2 chicken taquitos with green rice and black beans. i didnt like this much as it was fried and was a little greasy.I love fried things as long as they are cooked properly there is nothing worst that something soggy. The salsa and rice were amazing.
Then we had 3 winter vegetable tacos with an intense pasilla chilli salsa this was great.I forgot to take a pic. Last was two crisp tortillas piled high with refried beans topped with avocado salsa, crema, lancanshire cheese and tomato salsa.Very fresh .I added some of their chipolte sauce,picante and so good . It was a fabulously meal and very cheap £44.00 including drinks for two.Very filling,I had to lie down as soon as I got home. Do try them you wont be disappointed.


  1. Firstly very brave of you to even go to Westfield at this time of the year. I went late one afternoon just after it opened to meet my husband and it was manic then!
    The food looks tasty though and certainly makes a change from turkey, turkey and even more turkey!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year - wishing you every happiness in 2012.