Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ta dah

I have been buying more yarn.I have never used this stuff before It is 100 wool.I like the drops brand it is very economical and very nice to work with. The alpaca is deliciously soft.I bought mine from here.Scandinavian knitting Design (sorry for some reason hyperlink doesnt work).
this is my ta daa .I love footstools I have changed the fabric on this one quite a few times. I made these dollies all time ago.I have wanted to add them to my footstool for so long.
I love it .I used a hot glue gun to stick them on .I have alot of dollies from my mum and stuff I have made in the past.I would love to have them randomly stuck on the windowpane, it would look like snowflakes but his highness says it would look silly.Well, excuse me silly or not I think it would look great.Im off to sulk!!!!!


  1. LOVE the footstool Helda, and I think a doily window would be FAB-U-LOUS! would work especially well on a window where you don't want anyone to see in, but aren't a fan of net curtains. xxx