Monday, January 09, 2012

Inside Crochet issue 26

In issue 26 of Inside Crochet I have another pattern published.It is a set of shawls made in the colours of the chakra.It is so exciting to see my work in print.These shawl are made in one of my favourite yarns Jawoll from Artyarns.Soft strong and very long.It makes the perfect size for those who rather a neckerchief than a shawl. Perfect quick and easy.I have added a beaded edge to each which I think finishes it off .I love the colours they make me feel happy whenever I work with such bright juicy yarn.
I'm so very busy at the moment.I have also started a diet .I have put on an incredible amount of weight over the last few months.I have been silly to let the weight creep back on, everyday I vowed to sort it out, but I just couldn't.I made so many excuses ,but, not anymore.Over the Christmas I ate for two,no, I am not pregnant I just look like I am.Well I have started and I'm now on day 5.God, today I really want to eat some chips and right now I am dying to eat chocolate.I have resisted and I am rather proud.Let's hope I will resist for a few days more.Wish me luck I need all the help I can get


  1. Wow.. you are on a crochet roll when it comes to having them published. Push the ball into the direction of your diet and there is no stoping you. I wish I could say the same...there are some extra pounds I can do without.

  2. Well done yet again and agree lovely rich, happy colours.
    Light exercise, eat small portions and slowly, that's my motto for loosing a few pounds!
    Does it work - it has done in the past.
    Is it working now - No!

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  4. Congratulations Helda, what stunning shawls!
    I will keep an eye out for this issue, we always get it a month or two after it comes out.

    all the best with your weight loss, Ive been working with a dietian for a few months now, its a hard slog but so worth it!

  5. I bought Inside Crochet for your Chakra Neckerchiefs,but I'm having trouble with the instructions for Row 2 and 3. Also, when making the border is there a chain st. between clusters? I would really appreciate your help in clearifying the instructions.