Friday, October 21, 2011

All is quiet

I'm finding I don't have enough hours in the day to update my blog. I'm in knee deep in yarn,I am making lots of stuff but I cant share it with you until it is published . Im also trying to declutter and decorate before Xmas.I have really neglected my home .I have been feeling tired of being the only person who cares if the house is clean.I guess I'm feeling unappreciated .It will pass .Im just not able to sleep, every night this week I have gone to bed at 4.30 ish. Morning comes around so quickly .Ok , moan over.
I bought these hooks recently from Ally Pally knitting show. They are made in Japan, a company called Tulip. They come in different colours I opted for the pink.I'm happy to report they are wonderful to work with.The handle is rubber and this makes it lovely to hold. The neck and shaft are perfect and makes crocheting an absolute delight.
when I first started crocheting I used the standard metal hooks .I quickly developed wrist pain and my fingers ached.Ever since I have been in search to find the perfect hook. My absolute fave hook is the Crochetlite range .Very difficult to get over here I have been getting mine from the US on eBay.I like these new ones just as much. I think my search for the hook set is finally over ,that is until the new range of these is launched. I am a sucker for crochet hooks.I have just thought how many crochet hooks does a girl really need.
Have a lovely weekend


  1. I console myself with the thought that crochet hooks /knitting needles cost and take less space than other things (shoes for example). There must be an insomnia epidemy around these days. I have been having some sleeples/shorter nights recently. Valerian teabags, NLP training and progressive relaxation techniques have helped.

  2. I'm a believer in "Rescue Remedy" to help me de-stress.
    As for not sleeping, I'm fighting off my first horrid cough & cold of the winter. I've found taking a mug up to bed with a slice of lemon, slice of ginger, a couple of spoonfuls of local honey and topped up with warm water has really helped to basically knock me out!