Thursday, September 22, 2011

My latest bed time reads.The crochet traditions is from the interweave press group.It is a fabulous read filled with lots of history, there are some amazing crochet lace projects.I have decided that I wil not be buying any more knitting magazines as I very rarely knit.The house is overloaded with magazines.I 'm becoming more and more drawn to take out a digital subscriptions,but Im not sure if I will enjoy it as I like to read a nagazine in bed.
We are in the era of computers having far too much info about us. sitting there waiting to be stolen. Is it safe? Well I dont think so as I have had people getting into my account and spending £600 and on a second occasion £300. I think these people are very clever.I have no idea how they do it,How do they get through a security checks? I have often forgotten my password and it is so difficult to get my own money how do the thieves get it.It makes you wonder if the staff in the banks are involved. Im not sure if I like the digital era ,I cant live without it it has become a necessary evil.


  1. Magazines, magazines, the cookies of the crochet/knitting monster.
    We are all addicted to them.I also prefer the paper version.

    E-banking problems ...what a nightmare. One will think that banks will at least ensure the system is failsafe before asking anyone to use it.

  2. The sad thing now is that you never know whose watching who!
    Someone spent £150 on my credit card. I got the money back, no problem BUT who is actually paying the price of the refund?
    We all are!