Friday, September 16, 2011

It has been far too long since I have posted .I have been extremely busy trying desperately to sort out my life. Something inside me has changed. I have a constant feeling of 'what is the point' .I have not been able to sleep, my mind is constantly whizzing.I'm finding even reading too difficult.I love reading it is my from of escaping .I love my kindle it is the greatest invention it reads to me while I work ,fabulous, but lately I can not remember any of the books i have read.I think I need a holiday, my mum is once again on a cruise 11 days of being looked after,what bliss.
A couple of weeks ago Nez and I met for a spot of lunch and some yarn therapy.We often pop down carnaby street to the fun shop' All the fun of the fair' I bought some lovely cotton .Very economical and in a beautiful range of colours between us we bought nearly the whole stock. I feel so tired I'm finding it hard to even blog, so I will stop and come back when I feel up to it


  1. That is sad, I love reading your blog but I do understand.
    Why is it sometimes that you can be right on top of things and then suddenly you," jump off the merry go round" but the damn thing doesn't stop and keeps on revolving at a pace?
    A strange world we live in!

  2. I simpathise with you, inmsonia is giving me a hard time these days too.
    Take care of no. one, will be here when you come.

  3. You make beautiful stuff and I kind of like it. Maybe I'm a guy but your blog have great taste like my cooking...that's what my wife told me.. lol. The work you've done ... no one can imagine..keep going!! Signing off from the author of Great Home Cookin'Recipes...jbcoobtg..Good luck