Monday, August 22, 2011

More yarn

These are my latest purchases from Loop, Malabrigo sock yarn in a delicious chocolate shade
I bought a skein of wollmeise from knit nation .The colours remind me of the beautiful peacock feathers.Well ,said yarn looks lovely as a skein but once you start to crochet it,it doesn't look quite so nice.So I bought this , (the actual colour is pinker ).It is a perfect match and breaks up the colour .They look lovely together.I'm making a shawl for my mum she has green eyes and this combo looks amazing on her.
A beautiful skein of Madelintosh.(I have been trying to add the hyperlink so you can see other colours but for some unknown reason it is not working)
These beauties are Misti alpaca,cant tell you how soft this yarn is, I love this combination, soft scrummy alpaca, don't they look amazing together?
I have always thought of myself as a sensible woman .I don't buy things impulsively.I'm very good at saving money in all areas of life, however it seems I have an alter ego .She spends an unbelievable amount of money on yarn and accessories.She can not walk past any yarn shop and not buy something.She cannot go one week without buying yarny stuff.She hides yarn all over the place .She has recently decided to give to charity some crockery she never uses just so she can use the space for yarn. She is a weak person who had vowed to not buy any more yarn until at least half of her stash was used. Not only has she bought this stash ,last Friday she popped in to Nest yarn shop and bought even more. It is official ,my name is Helda and I am a yarn addict.I feel better already admitting it is half the battle, or so I'm told.

My Kindle now has a pretty case and a light for those moments in the dark when you just have to finish that last chapter. At first I didn't quite believe I would like the kindle .I love books more than anything else .I love the smell of books I love holding them.I really did not believe that I would forsake books .How wrong could I be .Kindle is wonderful. It can reads to you which means i have more time crochet , you can change the print size making it larger or smaller.My fav bit is that you can get on the internet ,browse for hours and buy more books at the click of a button.It fits my handbag. Genius .I love kindle

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  1. I love my Kindle too, though I never though I would give up the real books, their smell and texture etc. but... Hmmm! I just love it! And i love yarn, and crocheting too!