Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend treats

Sunday afternoon I decided to go to Loop . They moved location and the shop is lovely .So spacious filled with such beautiful treats. A real treasure.They have a perfect location .Filled with lots of shoppers .

I needed to go as I had bought two skeins of yarn in colours I wouldn't normally pick. I wanted to use brighter colours of some of my latest patterns I have written. Try as I might I could not help cringing with every stitch made.It real does go to show that I really must like the yarn I am using. If I don't I cant seem to work with it One wolmeise, one from Kaola yarns. Both once wound look absolutely hideous.

Staff at loop helped me out with the Wolleise, perdect match was found as for the Koala yarns , it was just to diffcult to find a match .As soon as I can I will upload the results.

Im am constantly watching sky news watching the terrible events taking place in every neighbour hood.It is pretty scary.I hope they can put an end to it today.I sympathise with all those people who have damaged home, cars, and many who have lots there businesses.Terrible.


  1. I'm going to stay in London next week and hoping to visit Loop. It looks fabulous!

  2. Wow..You really great collection of wools..I would like to see here some designed stuffs from it..

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