Monday, April 11, 2011

Some days nothing but cake will do. I am an absolute glutton for a strawberry tart. I could not resist the tempting evil cake shop Patisserie Valerie . Not satisfied with said evil strawberry tart I also bought lemon tarts, raspberry tarts and cheesecakes.All eaten gleefully in the park with a few friends. Cake shared is a few pounds weight gain halved.

My progress with my flower shawl is very slow. I love the blog The Flower bed it is filled with lovely inspiration all using a floral motif.I drool and I ooh and aah always determined to do a few flowers a day but somehow I always find I can't be bothered.Why can't I just start and stick to one project at a time?It will be gorgeous when it is completed but somehow I know it will end its day in the ever growing "I will do that later cupboard " .Do you have one of those places? why cant we just admit we will not be finishing it sometime soon .We all know tomorrow never comes .
A few balls of crochet cotton I'm aiming to have an entire colour spectrum in crochet cotton. I love crochet cotton I dream of making any one of these, simply gorgeous don't you agree think? Sophie's work is stunning. She obviously has alot of patience.

Aside from the flower shawl I have been trying my hand at making crocodile stitch

Give it a go it is great fun..


  1. The cakes look delicious!
    I haven't turned my hand to crochet for a long time, I think i need to have another go, you certainly make some lovely things.

  2. I used to live in Headingley, Leeds and there was a tiny little Patisserie Valerie there. Oh joyous Saturday mornings spent eating something lovely, reading Guardian and drinking real coffee. Bliss! x

  3. I have several projects like that, but I don't really have a cupboard for them -- more like every spare corner of my front room! lol! I love thread crochet, too, but it tends to make my hand hurt after a while, even with a big handled hook. I have to alternate with other projects. But I always come back to it!

  4. That cake looks almost too good to eat!!

  5. çok güzel blog..tebrikler..