Thursday, April 07, 2011

Time flies

I love cooking but sometimes it can be a drag.On those days I love simply jointing a chicken, add 6 cloves of garlic ,1 tsp rosemary, salt and pepper a good glug of olive oil, a glass or two of white wine and roast.When you are half away from really cooked chick add ,sliced onions, peppers, olives, roast until golden brown. Use whatever you have in fridge, courgettes, aubergine,mushrooms are all wonderful in this dish. I add handful of torn basil and a couple of splashes of good quality balsamic vinegar. Serve with good crusty loaf and the remainder of the white wine.
Daffodils make me feel so cheery, summer will be here pretty soon. I suddenly feel I am really getting old as now all I notice is how quickly time is flying by. My children are all grown up. My daughters first year in sixth form is almost over ,in fact once these holidays are over she starts her A level exams.Eldest daughter is frantic with dissertation and final collection due . My fingers and toes are crossed that they do well.
I needed some stitch markers , the cake ones I bought the cake bits from ebay i just added the jump ring. The other's are bits and bobs from broken jewellery, beads,.They are so easy to make all you need are the motifs (they must have a hole so you can thread the jump ring) , jump rings and lobster claws(fastener) pliers( jewellery ones).Easy and they dont cost you very much.

I follow so many blogs I scarely have time to write mine.Do you find that? The thing i love about cyber space is you never know where each click of the mouse will take you. Isn't that great fun one minute you are knee deep in a granny stripe and the next you just have to make a gorgeous useless flower, sound familiar.


  1. I'm definitely going to try your chicken recipe. Feeding my family at the moment is really making my brain work overtime. Your dish sounds easy, quick and delicious. The wine bit sounds very good too!

  2. I've just seen your chicken dish mentioned on Jacqueline's blog. Sounds lovely I'll give that a try soon too!

  3. Yes, I find that I neglect my own blog to read others' and sometimes I neglect mine and others' too when life gets too busy. Then it's catching up on all fronts!