Friday, April 15, 2011

A few days ago I turned to put a tray of chicken into the oven I suddenly felt a shooting pain.I couldn't move, after a bit it subsided but I was left with the type of pain you get when you pull a muscle. It hurts like hell. I'm on the sofa cant do very much and I feel sorry for myself.

I made his cowl in gorgeous aran weight wool that I have had for years.It is so warm and cosy.I made up the stitch it is just a one row repeat 2trtog,2ch ,2trtog and worked in the round for 15 rows. I made a crochet rose added a pin at the back to create a brooch .Cowl can be worn in so many way.I think i will make a few as gifts for xmas.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, the cowl is gorgeous, looks so soft and cosy. xx

  2. Try biofreeze, excellent for pain relief!

  3. That cowl is so gorgeous - what selfless devotion when you are in so much pain. Try a hot pad on wherever it hurts the most - I have a great one with wheat and lavender in it that is excellent for that kind of thing...

  4. Take care and lots of dry heat, hope you are soon in the mend.
    Your cowl looks very warm, like your flower detail.

  5. {gentle hugs}
    Hope you soon feel better x

    the cowl is just so gorgeous!!!
    that lovely rose adds a beautiful finishing touch :)