Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weeds are beautiful too

I like and enjoy a well maintained garden just like everyone else but there really is a certain beauty in unruly,weedy garden.His highness loves to have a perfect lawn, mowed within an inch of its life.He loves bushes and plants that are neat and pruned.

I ,on the other hand love grass that has weeds,dandelion flowers, not sure what the blue flowers are in the above picture, but they just popped up in amongst the knees high grass, the shed has had decidedly better days but I love the way the timber had faded and it is just a piece of weather beaten wood, not that different to me. A few screws and a lick of varnish with a bit of TLC and it will be as good as new, not unlike myself.

Could there be anything quite as pretty as these dandelion seed heads,they remind me so much of my favourite kidsilk haze yarn , it has such ethereal qualities.My camera is dying but isn't this the most delightful shot?

Have you seen the beautiful blossoms of my cherry tree, they remind me of all those beautiful Toulouse Lactrec paintings of Moulin Rouge. A place I have always longed to go just because of his paintings are so evocative.

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than going into the graden and really lookingf at it ,there always seem to be something else to fall in love with.

Incidently, does anyone know what the blue flower are and are they poisonous? Hope you had a lovely Easter .


  1. What a lovely collection of photos1

  2. We forget about 'weeds'. There are so many dandelions about and I was just thinking today that if you stop thinking about them as weds, they actually look glorious. Are the blue flowers Forget me Nots? xx

  3. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always great to 'meet' new folk. As to lifelines.... you just pull them out. It is just a piece of yarn threaded through the stitches. Im not an expert lace knitter, so I put one in on every tenth row, just in case!!!!! Ros

  4. they do look a bit like forgetme nots but i dont think they are ( if i didnt have a cat on my nee i would go and look it up!
    our garden is a bit neglected at the moment but like you i can find beauty in it.

  5. The plant is 'green alkanet'. Very pretty, they do look a bit like forget me nots.D