Sunday, March 06, 2011

Floral love

You must have noticed that almost everyone who crochets seems to be more than slightly enamoured with these beautiful shawls made from flowers.I made this please xcuse the fuzzy picture these motifs are made in this appropriately named "Flower " yarn from Jawoll purchased from here

These flowered motif come from this wonderful blog.

Do check out this blog it is such a wonderfully colourful blog and she kindly offers this gorgeous charted motif. I did these with leftover style craft yarn, I'm not making mine with this I just wanted to play. Im still undecided on the colour of my shawl I just know I'm making one .

I still have leftover magicline from this post . It seems I'm always cleaning.I like to clean with cotton handmade cloths, these cloths are so absorbent, strong and cleans and shines wonderfully.They wash well and with lots of things it gets better with age,I hope that means I will too!!!

If you have never used a handmade cloth please do .Use all those odds and ends you have in your stash and made a simple granny square to the size you like ,add a border for extra beauty


  1. Oooo those flowers look lovely! And I am very taken with the idea of handmade cloths...never used them before but think I will have a go this week! Thanks!!! xx

  2. I'm with you on floral love...been making some flowers for fun myself. YES on the washcloths, they really are great to use and I love your granny version. Have a lovely week ;-)

  3. Great idea to use hand knitted cloths. Perhaps having something bright and cheerful to clean with will inspire me to get on with it. I do get so easily distracted!!!

  4. your cloths are lovely!

  5. Love those colours.... the cloths are great.. Nice blog... :))