Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Recipe 2 ;Saltcod tartlets and a ball or two of yarn

We love salted fish, some of the best I've eaten was in Portugal. My fav shop is on the golborne road a Portuguese deli with the most amazing stuff, chorizo, beautiful fresh bread,all the portuguese produce you'd want.

I love soaking the fish I love how it is transformed into plump soft thick fillets .You change the soaking water boil it for a while.The saltiness is not overpowering as you would expect. I'd cooked a batch of onions,red and green peppers some fresh thyme and chilli flakes all sauted until soft and brown add a few plum tomatoes , add lots of freshly cracked black pepper add the salffish and cook until you have a reduced sauce . Mix and serve with rice, salad.

We had leftovers so I made some shortcrust pastry and baked blind and made a liason , added saltfish filling to tartlets pour the liason and bake until golden brown. Four tartlets,perfect for an lovely evening supper with a crisp green salad.

A few balls of yarn, I think they are such fun. Not sure what to make but aren't they just so pretty.

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  1. What a delicious post, in more ways than one. In Spain we also use salted cod in cooking, I love it. I find it tastier than the unsalted variety.