Monday, February 08, 2010

Modified Babette

One of my favourite patterns is the very colourful babette ,Isn't it simply divine.
The pattern calls for 22 balls of Koigu in 17 colours.It is based on the same pattern motif, they only vary by the amount of rounds It's made of 126 squares .
I have about 10 skeins of koigu and would need to buy at least 12 more skeins .I have to say that as babette needs so many different coloursways it can look fab if done with the right combination ,but if colours choices clash it can look very ugly. I love colour but I'm not sure I'm good enough to chose the right ones on such a grand scale . So, koigu is out.
Whenever I think of great colourists Kaffe Fassett springs to mind He is a colour guru and he has created a beautiful palette for Regia. I happen to have quite alot of this stuff in various colours. so, it was a matter using balls that are similarly toned. Picture number 2 uses two of the same colourways but striped in different ways. It works magically..Pic 2, is all going to be made in the one colourway ,whilst the colour changes arent as pronounced as using 17 different colours I love the effect it's much more subtle.
Being a contrary girl I also decided that I did not want to use the pattern stitch used in the babette .I wanted it made in a traditional granny square pattern. I love it. I'm sure you've noticed I have three babette's on the go, that's a whopping 378 squares. 3rd picture is made in 4ply random dyed cotton and I am making it with 17 colourways, not sure how it will turn out but I threw caution to the wind and I'm trying my best to just use colours I'd never normally put together. surprisingly, it seemss to be working but I'm not sure that the round of blue works in picture, what do you think?
For more inspiration I love looking at Flickr's babette blanket gallery.
Im off now to make 300 odd more squares wish me luck.

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