Monday, January 03, 2011


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New Year came in with no bang for us.No wild parties in fact I was tucked up in bed and I was very happy to be.The young ladies went out to celebrate with friends.His Highness and I were just happy to be.

With the arrival of the new year you cant help thinking about the goals for the year.
I have decided that I need to RECONNECT


1.With friends old and new, those in blogland and real time.
2.With my body , it really needs some TLC.
3.With my family, those near and far
4.With my creativity.
5.With myself as a woman, not just a mum and a wife.
6.With nature and beauty, even in a busy city.
7.with my plans and goals for a craft based career

And finally I want my yarn cupboard to look more like this gorgeous colour coordinated crochery filled one.Yummmmmmmy.Now what about you???


  1. I would concur with every one of your aspirations...all seem to me to make for a happy and fulfilled year. I am hoping that the arrival of spring will help as I think I tend to hibernate and stagnate during winter!

  2. Happy New Year to you Helda :)

    Sounds like a perfect plan for the new year and many years to follow...

  3. Yes, reconnecting is good and I should heed that call. Sometimes I think I could be very happy as a creative hermit. Happy new year :-)

  4. Happy New Year
    Excellent resolutions for anytime of year we all need a little reconnecting.

    I dream of beautifully colour coordinated yarn cupboards than I look in mine eek!

    Nez :)