Thursday, January 06, 2011

Almost at the finish line

Remember these
I added a black border

Loads of crochet squares later

My nearly completed skirt.I'm so excited that i really could not wait to show you my progress, it's so lovely. I will post a patterns as soon as I have finished it , I can not wait to wear it with black polo neck ,opaque tights ,boots.


  1. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it when it´s finished. Beautyfull work.

  2. Hej Helda

    Thank you for you comment ;-)
    Nice *to meet you*
    It's v.functional the shelves...
    Everything on the lover 2-3 shelves gets used daily, it's just above my sink, I don't have a dishwashing machine here in Sweden, so once it's tried...with a hey presto and a stretch of the arm, it's all back on the shelves spick n span. I have 2 teenage sons...impossible to keep a tidy house...and they would say they have a messy!

    P.S. I LOVE your crochet skirt, I think it will look fantastic with your polo neck n boots!

  3. Loving that granny skirt. It's pretty groovy :-)

  4. A really nice skirt already in this moment! A very soft effect, but most of all I like the colour combination you made!
    [And still a Happy New Year, Helda!]
    greetings, Lia