Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday was World wide knitting in Public Day. I had organised a crochet meet up we would be spending the day with the snb girls. Ive been looking forward to that day.I bet you can guess that I didn't go because of our dodgy boiler. The gas board assured me I'd have an engineer before 12. He didn't arrive until 3.00 and he said it would take a couple of hours. So, that's it I wouldn't be able to meet my friends.

Boiler fixed we decided to go out for a drive ,I now needed something to lift my spirits ,yarn always works so decided to visit All the fun of the Fair for some therapy.Look at these knitted goodies I really love the bus and the teapot cozies. Got me some goodies ,noro, regia, shawl pin, and another ball of wendy bamboo and we headed home. Will post pics asap.

The Queen's birthday was on sat and look at these beautiful horses . They look so magnificent both the horses and the troops.


  1. Missed you there :(
    but at least you got to buy some lovely yarn :)

  2. I didn't make it too. Had to work at the library. All is well now with a few more balls of yarn.