Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One large crochet hook and a ball or two of yarn

Like all professional hoarders I love a bargain. This Debbie bliss 'Soho' was one such purchase.I loved it as a ball of yarn but it never looked quite right whenever I played with the damned thing. It pooled incorrectly, what I mean by that is no matter what stitch pattern i used the colours never looked right.Colours seemed to be heavier in parts and looked odd not at all evenly spaced.I decided I would try to crochet it with a 15mm hook and just hook away.
Three balls of yarn later ,a successful bit of playtime I think. ~The spaces between each stitch breaks up the colour yet somehow it seems harmonious. I love the thick n thin structure of the yarn it adds to the pattern.Somehow the spaces fill the gap and it seems like it is part of the yarn make up ,does any of this make sense????

I am really pleased with it ,it's interesting and so very warm and probably as near as wearing my own fleece as I'm every gonna get .My advice is play ()nicely with your yarn ,you never know what you are going to get . Its very nice to discover the best way to show off yarn that you had previously dismissed.

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  1. The scarf looks great, the larger hook size really makes the colour blend nicely :)