Friday, May 29, 2009

On/off the wagon

This year I didn't renew any of my UK magazine subscriptions . Simply knitting, knit today, let's knit, and knitting all gone .I patted myself on the back, safe in the belief that I would indeed stop buying magazines just because they were knitting/crochet . I want to buy a mag when there is something that interests me on the cover or something I'd spotted over in rav. I am a strong person,I do not need to buy every book/mag with crochet,knit/yarn/spin/dye/shearing sheep( no,I'm kidding about that one) in the title... I can resist.!!!!!! Borders, Whsmith who.....

There has been alot of chatter over in ravelry about a new crochet magazine.It's one in a series of "Let's Get Crafting ", it promises to teach you how to ..this edition was crochet. It said on the opaque wrapper it contains 4 ball of yarn and a crochet hook It's priced at £7.99, quite a hefty price for a mag that you cant even see the freebiies.,ummm whats the yarn like... wonder what the hook looks like..... I put it down refusing to buy it, beside I already crochet, I'm very competant, thank you very much, 7.99 ,not on your nelly.

A week later I was in the supermarket throwing tiolet cleaner, foil,washing .up liquid that sort of thing into the trolley. God ,how I hate supermarket shopping, the only interesting aisle is the ,yes you guessed it ,the magazines I dont really have to say it, you know the rest. Simply knitting ( I really dont like this one ), knit today, knitting (quite good) yarn forward( this I do like) and Lets get crafting Crochet all in the trolley ,after all, the voice in my head said " I've been buying them for ages and perhaps this month they get it right" You know that I am weak and you now know I am a crochet/knitting magazine-a-holic.

I wish I could report that crochet mag was great or that the yarn was fab.Wish I could say the hook was worth it. My advice to anyone who wants to learn to crochet or seeking inspiration just log on to ravelry, or have a great evening with friends at my crochet meet up group .These options are both free.

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  1. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I understand you sooo well... ;-)