Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy fingers

I bought some sublime kid mohair at Olympia's stitching and craft show and have started a cardigan pattern from their pattern book. I love my knit pro needles ,smooth and beautiful to look at and a pleasure to knit with, even knitting with the dreaded hairy fiber mohair.
Ta dah my latest creation .The knitted bead is made by me, multi strand of seed beads, not sure if I like the finishing but in September I'm enrolling on a jewellery course to remedy that problem .

Finally , a little bit of childes play , there is nothing nicer than to have little child's play don't know what I going to with this but that's the whole point of child's play you do it just because....

1 comment:

  1. Great colors the ones on your yarns. Good combination of color and texture on the brazalet, I would a chosen bigger size beads thought. I might have a few ideas for you to use your knitted cords. Now if I could find that link...