Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy happy

Ive had a week or two of bad health and needed some cheering up.I popped into garden center and picked up few pots of strawberries. I have in the past grown very successfully chillies, aubergines, tomatoes and a wonderful herb garden all on a balcony. I really enjoy it .As well as the plants I just had to have these beautiful blooms, cant help smiling when I look at them. They are so evocative, for me they sing of summer fruits ,raspberries, strawberries, cherries .Luscious juicy mouthwatering berries all found in a simple bunch . Just what I needed to lift my blues.

I popped into "All the fun of the fair" sitting on the shelf was this beautiful yarn called Happy .Made from bamboo it 's so soft and light .It too ,reminded me of summer fruits.The sprinkle of chocolate helped to prevent it being too pink and added an earthiness, it's beautiful. It is very good value 5.49 for 100g and it really goes along way. I was by now a very very happy lady, only another yarn lover will understand the flutter of my heart ,the need to fondle,smell and possess that yarn . I swear yarn talks to me.

Back at home his highness presented me with a pink shoebox .I started to feel a little nervous , ,I mean you don't want to offend anyone who has taken the time to buy you a gift. What if i hate them ????I opened box I loved them, panic over. Later I settled down on my bed with my yarn a crochet hook ,my flowers in a vase at my bedside and my high heeled mules firmly on my feet. Thank you so much Mr , Im lucky to have someone like you it was a lovely gesture and I thank you .

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  1. The happy yarn is lovely and the shoes are fab!
    Big Hugs, Bethxx