Sunday, April 19, 2009

A room with a view

This is my room with a view, it's my kitchen and god, how I love it. The decking needs TLC but it's beautiful. Sometimes, you see the same thing so often that you really don't see it anymore. The fruit ornament was something I was given in the south of France whilst staying with an old friend and her family.It is a perfect reminder of Provence and the rue filled with artisan potterie shops.In fact, I didn't realise until now just how provencal it all looks together. It always makes me smile .
More things Ive noticed, I love eating outdoors we always , I always have a barbecue going I love the table garden table covered in a flowery,stripy cloth, pretty plates ,colourful tumblers.I believe that not only the food should look good .Happy colours make me happier, do I sound as though I've swallowed one too many Jack Daniels?? Not a drop has passed my lips .I'm just really looking round my home.

Do you remember my crochet motifs?? well, Ive finished playing and this it what it looks like .Still haven't decided what to add it to, a brooch for my endless practical black jackets ,or as an applique to this knitted bag, the jury is still out.

All Ive done with the motifs is formed them to look flower and sewn them into place ,I do like it but I'm not sure if it needs something beads perhaps, sequins, buttons, not sure .Less is more, dont you think?


  1. Very mediterranean the look of your kitchen window, looks like you captured some sunshine and didn't let it go.

  2. Beautiful and relaxing view, I can imagine you crocheting with the sun flooding in through the window.

  3. Love these little crocheted "googe" (sp), would love one...looks precious with the jean jacket! View from your window is the tiling...did you do that??