Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crochet meetup

A crocheted waistcoat worn by Pepi, this was given to her, she's so lucky .This is one of the nicest things Ive seen, the colours work well gold,yellow yarn pulls it altogether.

Last Wednesday the crochet meet up had a meeting hosted by the fabulous Alice from Socktopus. Socktopus is a really dangerous place, filled from floor to ceiling of the most beautiful yarn.
As ever time flies ,it was a lovely atmosphere,friendly chatter,lots of hooking(you know what i mean). I am so pleased I set up the group its so inspiring. Projects range from a lovely blanket, crocheted jewellery, hats shawls,a brooch, I always come away with a few more items to add in my projects book.
Pepi gave me a present she had made the beautiful flower brooch,pictured above and a very pretty bird brooch. I love them so much,pepi if you read this thank you so much.


  1. Great report Helda and great meet up. I totally agree with you regarding the harmful nature of the place were the meetup took place; I went back home with 2 books and 1 set of double pointed needles. Need I say anymore. The presents are fully deserved if only to say thank you for organizing the meetups.

  2. Sounds like you all had a lovely time. So bummed I missed out!