Thursday, July 24, 2008


The weeks are flying by I don't seem to have the time to update my blog . All I seem to do is spent far too much time on the greatest thing since bread and butter, (actually I prefer baguettes, but you know what I mean) which of course is RAVELRY. What has happened to us ???many of my blogging friends are all in agreement. We have got to do something about this before its to late. Ravelry is taking over my life.
I still make stuff, but I seem to be rushing them or saying to myself I'll do that later, never have I been a voyeur and now I cant wait to see what 'little miss moffat' ,(no please dont put that name in the ravelry people search, she doesn't exist). I have to confess I am a ravelholic. Those of you who are also afflicted please form an orderly queue.
Ok confessions over, despite admitting love of rav,I have been playing, I have a lust for the colour purple, mauve, lilac with the hint of pink. Ive only just noticed are all of the said hues feature in all of my current 'wips'. The purple granny square is made with the yarn I so loveeee, smooshy , Dream in Colour, 4 ply yarn so soft and smooshy. I'm making a crochet hook holder.
Second photo is some of the half price kidsilk haze acquired from John Lewis , I've nearly completed a shrug but have run out, however, greatest friend in the whole wide world has agreed to let me buy some from her. Please note the harmony knitpick needles aren't they great.
Final pic is my attempt at crocheting with wire and beads, this might not look it ,but these will be twisted together and a beautiful bracelet should emerge. Well ,thats the plan ,however I'm not so keen on adding the clasps, as with knitting crocheting you can always tell when a project has not been seamed correctly, it becomes that item you make hide from fellow crafters so the same can be said of jewellery if the clasp is not done with the correct tools and patience dont bother until you can, you'll only end up hating it and lets face it I have far too many of those .So the old proverb patience is a virtue seems to be true, unless you happen to be called patience.

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  1. Just wanted to say that your blog is really cool and interesting.. AND that I too am a Ravelholic! I am so addicted to the site, I must visit it 5 times a day!