Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crochet Meet up

It was my birthday and I celebrated it will my great friends from my crochet meet up . We have a fabulous time in a delightful little tea room called Camellia Tea room .I have never really been one for trying out teas I enjoy earl grey and twinings breakfast tea. I have never really wanted to try all the different varieties available. I love herbal teas mint, nettle, fennel, cranberry that's it. The owner is very knowledgeable ,she recommended a tea for my constant sweating and whilst it is early days it really does appear to be working. All well as all the teas you can image they have some really beautiful cakes. Which of course would be rude if we didn't indulge, don't you agree?
A rare group photo quite a few people are missing (we all seem to hate having a photo taken)taken by Janaana. I had a great evening listening to the stories of my friends travel, some of the tales were so funny. I'm really pleased that I set up the meet up I now have a group of friends that are enriching my life. I really feel proud and pleased that the group is getting larger and that people are coming once and enjoy it so much they come back. What more could you want.

1 comment:

  1. Belated Birthday Wishes.
    I am sorry I could not make it.
    It seems you had a lovely meeting, the tea house looks appealing.