Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Granny squares

I adore white cotton whenever I see it I think of hot summer days. When the girls were younger a white cotton sundress was the must have item. I would often add a crochet corsage, or perhaps a beautiful scalloped edged hem. Just to make it extra special. The girls are older so I now have to content myself by making something else.
I have so much 4ply and dk cotton I found this granny square pattern from a charity shop.The original pattern was made in some really ugly yarn . I used a different sized hook ,9 motifs later added a beautiful edging .I'm really pleased.I have never been good at lining but I had a go and I must say it has turned out much better than I thought it would. I'm making a back to it ,I want it to be a project bag. Something to remind me of those sticky hot summer days.


  1. Really love this granny square in white and your edging was just enough. Would you share this pattern?

  2. I love your white granny square afghan. I never thought of doing a totally white granny. Thanks, I'll steal that idea. One of my granddaughters is getting married in a bit and I'll make her one. Thanks.