Monday, May 12, 2008

Rugs on my mind

Super size me, I'm making a blanket made with a spiralled hexagon motif. I suddenly decided to make a large one. The picture doesn't show how large it is. Its really a beautiful pattern and reversible. I'll at some rounds.
Mt latest bedtime reads,I'm getting worse, not only do I knit/crochet but I seem to be reading literature filled with them. You know you've got it bad(it meaning obessed) when you have so many magazines (craft related) that you have not read yet, its even worse when you buy mags that you hate just because they are fiber related, and it mght be the edition filled wth something interesting,.It never does and still we buy. Why , please tell me why? S o much to do, so little time. The book at the end is the yarn harlots latest. She has me chuckling through the night.
I got hold of some reduced balls of rowans biggy. In my obsession with rugs another hexagon motif once again I haven't taken the photo properly, this is also a large rug not sure if I really like it. The one good thing about crochet is that it unravels so well without any fuss. It is so painless, not quite the same if I'd knitted it. My language gets quite colourful when unravelling knitting.

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