Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bargain buys

Not sure if the pics convey the sheer amount of yarn that I found in a charity shop. Spent bank holiday away recharging my batteries. There is simply no better tonic than a short break away from the humdrum of everyday life.
I've come back only to find that Ive gained some weight 3lbs if you please, but hey I thoroughly enjoyed myself, lets see how long it takes to get that off, somehow I know it will take longer than it took to put it on. I have no regrets everything I ate was delicious.
Now back to charity shop find, fabulous bag filled with packets of yarn. Its clearly been recycled the balls have a kink in them. White balls yellow,green, blue,pinky,cream 20p a bag It 's such a bargain and nothing makes me happier than a bargain yarn buy. Most of the balls are wool and a few balls of nylon. Once upon a time it was shoes and handbags that thrilled me .Now, its just yarn and fiber related stuff that rocks my socks. Wool. glorious wool. and a slice or two of cake what more does a woman need.

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