Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm not sure whats happening but this year seems to be flying by. I've only just recovered from Xmas ,yet it seems to be approaching again. My blog postings are not as much as I'd like . I really planned a blog filled with the goings on in "casa Helda",not this sporadic jumble of entries. I 'm going to try and post a bit more.
What a great way to start my new resolutions then sharing my good news. I submitted an article to a magazine all about the crochet coral reef and it has been accepted, it gets even better . The article has' gone live'
The Inside Loop is a new online fiber magazine its filled with lovely free patterns,{that alone is a plus}. I particularly like the crochet pattern ,a lovely scarf called trenah. It features interesting businesses,.This edition is the fab Purlescence . The mag has loads of articles ,its all about our love of fiber and the things we can create. In fact, I have never made a jumper/cardigan from the neck down, that is until I read Diane's piece it had a step by step explanation that motivated me to make not just one but two short cardigans. As soon as my model , is free.( I hate having my picture taken I always look demonic )
The inside loop is a must for all us fiber loving girls and boys!
The photo is the second installment of the sock club I've joined. I doubt I'll get round to it as its a toe up,spiralled pattern . It all seems rather complicated .I'm hoping to meet the club members at their next sock club outing. I have never joined any "a-along" but I must say it is a wonderful thing to do ,for starters you get a package every month . The beauty for me is having yarn in colours I would never ever pick. The first instalment was a deep purple skein and a skein in gold . It looks remarkable and whenever I wear them people say they are lovely yarns. The latest installment pictured above is once again colours I'd never choose. I have crocheted with it and the effect is simply beautiful. The only problem is I really dont have the skills to make these beauties. The third installment arrived last week the pattern has some very scary enterlac. Have no idea how to do that at all. Do you get the feeling I wont be making socks???


  1. Just to let you know that I've tagged you and you need to pop along to my blog to read the rules.

  2. Congratulations on being published.