Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday night meet up

Last Thursday we had another successful meet up. We had some new faces the lovely Nohad (pictured next to me) Nohad and I did a city and guilds in machine knitting 15 years ago . We have not seen each other for 14 years.It was lovely to see her again. I hope she comes again so we can really catch up. Nohad practised a few stitches with the help of the lovely Michelle (pictured in the corner)Must just quickly thank Pepi for the photos
Our second new face was Petri, the fastest crocheter in town . My word ,that lady can surely crochet super fast. She is such fun. Last but by no means least was Amy, who was working on a filet crochet top in some lovely royal blue bamboo tape. Its really lovely stuff I have yet to crochet with this stuff , so I guess we know what 's on my shopping list.

This delightful creation was by the lovely Neila ,its for the crocheted coral reef .By the end of the evening she had completed the white edging its so beautiful, I would display it at home on the coffee table, as its very tactile but its also a great conversation piece.
All the pictures are courtesy of Pepi, A delightful woman whose accent I love so much she"s from Spain . She has been crocheting bugs, they look so special, I happen to mention I love seahorses and she sent me a pattern .Thanks Pepi. That's the beauty of a meet up, we share tips, thought and ideas and we all come away a little happier for doing so.
The other ladies were all busy. Angela, (the lady whose bag was stolen) made it to the meet. I'm so glad she came back. She was praticising crochet in the the round. She 's doing really well. She bought in a lovely old book, a treat filled with 70's styling, I love those sorts of books,often quite funny to look at, but excellent all the same.

. Betty's show and tell was a delightful striped sleeveless cardie, beautiful and perfect for summer.I cant for the life of me remember what Michelle was making, but she was making something. I was making hexagon spiralled motifs for throw w.i.p, it feels like its taking forever, thankfully I have other projects to save me. As ever we had a great evening.I really do enjoy meeting these ladies Thursday were made for meet ups.

Look at this beautiful photo,its a bottle of perfume made with flowers, simply stunning.

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