Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What more wool?

Iknit London, http://www.iknitlondon.com/ opened their new shop near Waterloo. Oh, what bliss this shop is seriously bad for my bank balance. I could quite easily spent alot of money in here. The shop was filled with a class of newbie knitters, friends of the iknit guys and people like myself who were on their way to the hyperbolic crochet workshop ,at the Hayward gallery.

The delightful wool is new in from USA. wool with silver,beautiful bit of bling knitwear.
I couldn't resist these delightful skein manos 1oo% wool in this delightful shade. Mmmmm
And finally an end to the misery of winding wool by hand. My beautiful most useful bit of kit ,a wool winder all from iknit. You just have to find the time to pop in to this knitting haven.I plan on going as much as I can.



  1. What a shopping trip, you lucky girl. I have just been to your Seychelles food blog, yummmyyy. I am going to try that with the pineapple. For afters tonight we had mango!