Monday, February 18, 2008

Stash busting crochet blanket

I have so much yarn, ok I admit it. For some reason last year I became drawn to the colour purple, I have brought lots of purple hued yarns. I recently did my first secret swap My swap buddy was amazing and she also added quite a few balls of purple to my stash.
I'm now at saturation point(Only with purples) , I needed to do something about it. So based on the amount of purple yarn I have decided and started a double bed throw in the fabulously easy but very effective ripple stitch. This seems like a perfectly acceptable stash busting project, however, I seem to have bought another fifteen balls of yarn to add to the throw.I ask you where is the logic in that?? I have a large stash filled with lots of colours, textures and fibers enought to finish this throw and a few more if i'm honest and yet, if there is yarn to be bought I'm there at the front of the queue.I've really gone mad.
I'm paying my daughter to wind the skeins as I still have not got my wool winder and swift. I'm too upset to pay for nother one.I did have a wool winder but between sorting out both homes,I seem to have(A) thrown it away. (B) given it to the charity shop in my bid to help the environment. Crazy, I know,I bought it years ago for under fivepounds and now some places are selling them for twenty pound plus so I think you can understand why I'm a little pivved .Also a friend of mime managed to get one for, wait for it, four pounds in a charity shop. It was probably mine.
I'm after one of those throws that look and feel delightful filled with colours that dont seem to match like gold and purple and yet they do.A work of art and a pricey one too. Alpaca, silk, tweeds,crisp cottons, angoras and much more.A nightmare to wash but who cares.
Times have changed we no longer have to make and mend but for me,by knitting and crocheting I'm one of those who enjoy to make, create things of beauty,which will last much longer than I ever will. I find great comfort in that.

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  1. Great idea Helda and the ripple pattern is so easy but effective isn't it. I love the combination of purple with green and it's one I use frequently. I daren't look in my stash as I'd feel too guilty to buy any more yarn............or perhaps not!!!