Sunday, February 10, 2008

Karenina socks completed

Sometimes I enjoy being quite contrary, so one sock with purple dominant, gold the other .They look ok to the untrained eye but they are riddled with mistakes. I have learnt so many things along the way.
1. do a tension swatch
2.Always, always remember to note number of row, as I cant remember where the hell I stopped when I come back to it.
3.I will not start other projects when making socks
4. Dont look at others wonderful correct making of socks as it puts me off, actually it depresses.
All in all it has been great fun, I'm really looking forward to the next pattern, however not too sure whether I'll be making socks again!!!!!


  1. They look fantastic, they are wild and innovative. Don't give up with socks now you have learned so much it would be a shame not to put it into practice. I love them. I have mistakes in mine too and decided it was what made them individual and mine. I joined the sock club to extend my knowledge not to achieve perfection. They are certainly a challenge but I feel I too have learned much. Even to love yellow (a bit).

  2. They look great Helda!! You may NOT stop knitting socks you!! ;) And remember, you got thrown in the deep end, and boy did you ever swim beautifully with it.

  3. They look great, I forgot to count the heel on one of the socks and had to start it again too.

  4. Wow, Helda. Those are great! I have never knitted a pair of socks in my life and am nervous of making them, and look what you did! You are very brave.

  5. Oooh, so you have and what a lovely pair of socks they are too! I love the colours together (purple is my favourite colour) and I can't see any mistakes so well done you. I hope mine turn out half as good as yours.

  6. The socks look great, remember if there was no challenge to making them you would soon get bored! so onto the next pair and more challenges
    Well done :)