Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One ball of Rowan big, this the slouchy beret from vogue knitting. It is so thick and warm perfect for those cold evenings ahead.It is such a quick and easy pattern. One of my resolutions is to write down the name of each pattern yarn,needles for future reference, its what ravelry is for, however, all I ever do in ravelry is look at others projects and then I spend so long in the forums.Ive neglected my own write ups.

Is it me ? or does there seem to be less hours in the day .I'm so busy all the time. I seem to be neglecting things.How does the modern woman cope???I have no idea, all I know is I have dark circles under my eyes, I'm tired all the time .

I have a meet up tomorrow cant wait ,it will be the first for this year, see what I mean about time, it will be so lovely to leave behind the supper worries, decorating, lack of time and just sit and listen to my friends chatting away about crochet,sometimes its good to be a little selfish.

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