Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank you

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These flowers are a virtual gift to all those who have downloaded my podcast. Thank you to Betty for your words,Michelle,Neila.Tracy, thank you for your support.Socktopus sock club girls thank you.
Bless my girls would have had to sit and listen to mum without laughing, your support is appreciated.

I have had emails from podcasters of the expert kind,purldiving, crochet side podcast.Thank you so much for the encouragement and help.thank you to the fabulous people on like I'm reading an award speech)

In a world filled with so much hate, war and conflict, the world of knitters and crocheters is one that is filled with generousity, love and support, its so wonderful being part of that.

So to those friends who dont understand why I' go to meet ups to knit/crochet (without alcohol).Whose who cant imagine why I'd spend such a lot of time on ravelry ,look at what my boring world has to offer. I have made some truly remarkable friends just by doing those what they deem boring.

I'm sure you can tell I'm in a defiant mood, I meet some old collegues who the moment they asked "what are you up to?".I replied
"I knit and crochet ,I run a group,I'm now delving into podcasting"
One replied" Gosh things most be really bad. You used to such fun!!!What, does that mean?I'm fun I have lots of fun at my meet ups. I have so much fun buying yarn, planning what I'll be making next ,all of it is soo much fun.

These were women I went to uni with what ever happened to live and let live. They proceed to relive uni days, and tales of recent shenanigans, I feel sorry for them. I happy, contented and love what I do and have in my life.How many of them can say the same.

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