Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What I'm up to

New books to add to the ever growing number.

I'm making quite a few things I'm making the stash busting ripple blanket (crochet). I'm also making the alpine shrug from rowan free in ravelry .Its a gorgeously thick knit with a beautiful leaf motif. It comprises of 4 triangles which sewn together make a square which is then folded and a shrug should appear. Its made in rowan big wool .Imagine how incredibly warm ,yummy it will be to wear. I have been reading others comments on the finished article and most say they are not keen on how it looks on the body. A fellow knitter in my class has made one and she says it doesnt look very nice on. It hasnt deterred me, I still want to make one.
I'm still making the laceweightcotton throw ,its a never ending granny square, I only do it at my meet ups as I'm not very good at talking and doing any complicated patterns. It allows me to talk and eat without my ever having to think about a stitch its always three trebles,1ch, and in every corner 3tr,2ch,3tr easy peasy. It will be lovely whenver its finished.
I'm still making I 'm on the second sleeve and then will only have the yoke to do. I'm knitting with quite possibly one of the nicest yarns to knit with debbie bliss,cashmerino aran. So soft, it glides on the needles. I'm so in love with it. The only reason I havent finished it is I'm so greedy trying to do so many thing .
I have a never ending list of things to make, its lovely being busy. I love sitting with my family ,talkiing,watching and surfing all with either a hook or needles close to hand.

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