Monday, February 26, 2018

Inside Crochet issue 99

Hello my lovely ,
I can't actually believe that its almost the end of  February can you ?.... . This morning as I write this London has snow . The sun however has decided to shine and it looks so bright but don’t be deceived  It’s very very cold.  Perfect day to update my blog.

Once upon a time I loved blogging I enjoyed sharing my Makes .Blogging is taking a bit of effort .
Its very hard to find the time to write ever since my daughters ex used my blog as a means of spying on her. He actually used the fact That I posted the term “we are back “  from a holiday as evidence in court saying we had taken our grandson  and daughter . In fact we had not . It was just me and the Mr .  All of you who come here know I never share very much of my children’s lives . Graduations are the only bit I’ve share plus two photos of my grandchildren announcing their arrival. I have always avoided photos of my children and grandchildren as unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.

I urge you to be a bit cautious . One of my dear friends has deleted her blog as she took a photo of her front door . She simply shared a knitted wreath she had made for Christmas. She suddenly found a few people knocking her door as they recognised the door. Asking her allsorts  , whilst they might have been harmless you can totally understand her fear. She has young children and suddenly she felt violated . What a blooming check she was so frightened . Deleting her blog was a big step but it was the right decision for her. We who blog can often forget that a few people are not to be trusted.

This is one of my latest designs published this in this month’s IInside Crochet February 2018 issue 99 . I am very proud of this design . A super chunky cowl in my favourite colour mustard . I have used  yarn called Elisa available from  woolly mahoosive
I have
It has a feature  buckle fasteners to add a contemporary feel, but it also functions as it closes the cowl .I love that juxaposiotion of metal and fiber.

I had my first pattern published in February 2011 I still have to pinch myself it is so nice to know that others like my work enough to publish them . The greatest part of the design work is seeing people s interpretations of my designs . I am humbled by it daily.  Hope you are all well . I do read your blogs I ve just stopped commenting, thank you for always sharing and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Another beautiful creation, it looks stunning.

  2. I am so sorry you have had this negative experience. Remember way back when Little Buddy's photo was taken from my blog and a gofundme site was set up to make someone money. I was devastated. I double watermark his photos now but still it gives me a reason to pause. I see so many people posting everything about their lives on social media and it worries me. Your latest design it just perfect.

  3. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I'm sorry you've had negative experience on your blog. I decided to take off the 'follow by email' element on my blog as the followers escalated almost overnight. All were young men who likely weren't interested in crochet at all. Some of the followers on bloglovin' have strange email addresses too which makes me feel as if 'my life' is being watched. It all seems a bit - steal your identity type thing. Golly you could get paranoid about this. Take care of you and yours, Cathy x